Forget Me Not

This is a poem dedicated to the Elizabeth St. Garden, a public park in NoLiTa, New York City, that is in danger of being torn down. To find out how to support efforts to save the garden, please go to Elizabethstreetgarden.com


If words don’t hurt and stupid Is just a verb Why when I swallow It feels like rocks hitting dirt? Why do I carry your insults inside me Carefully sharpened to hit nerves And inflame insecurities How can you say We’re fine Nothing has changed When your mood is what dictates How you’ll treat me today? If words are just…


I am graffiti fading into the concrete. I am the exposed brick you’re not supposed to see. I am sludge on sidewalk slithering beneath your feet an unsightly reminder of who this neighborhood used to be. I am the display you try to not notice walk straight ahead and keep your eyes focused as if a slight glance would transmit…