Lucy the Lopsided Parallelogram

lucy the lopsided parrallelegram

“Johnny?” My voice echoed like I had just said it into megaphone. His face began to change and morph to the beat of the music.
“What? What’s wrong baby?”
He spoke in cursive, neatly at first, then in sloppy echoing letters that reached out to me like long curving fingers.
Suddenly the lights began to change.
Then everything changed.
All furniture, the people, the wall paper, the DJ, all of them were shapes. Hextagons and octagons lined up the walls twinkling with life, triangles dancing with rectangles.
I don’t belong. I don’t belong. They know I’m not like them.
“Just embrace it, let it all flow through,” said a square.
“Johnny? Is that you?”
An edge touched my hand.
“I’m right here with you.”
Suddenly my arms tucked away and my legs buckled up.
I slanted to conform to my new shape.
Ooh, a parallelogram. How wonderful it is to see things from a different perspective.
I moved around the room watching the shapes come together and move apart, forming new shapes and then dispersing to come together with other shapes.
But where did I belong?
Not between the triangle and the rectangle, too many edges for that.
Not with the rectangles and squares, too slanted for that.
As I scanned the room, it seemed everyone had found their niche, or perhaps, many different niches to move around and mingle with.
I watched my little yellow square fit in perfectly between two triangles and a rectangle.
I could hear his smile glisten from over here.
Suddenly my slants began to slant more drastically and my shape began to change.
Maybe now I’ll fit in somewhere!
But the truth was I didn’t fit anywhere, because as I slanted more to the left I became wider and shorter.
I was so low my tears almost immediately touched the ground.
Relentless tears fell, one after the other, and my slants brought me closer to the ground.
I shed all sense of optimism and hope and decided that I was destined to keep slanting until I became a thin line and eventually disappeared completely.


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