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fictional short stories about fictional characters doing fictional things.



Forget Me Not

This is a poem dedicated to the Elizabeth St. Garden, a public park in NoLiTa, New York City, that is in danger of being torn down. To find out how to support efforts to save the garden, please go to


I am graffiti fading into the concrete. I am the exposed brick you’re not supposed to see. I am sludge on sidewalk slithering beneath your feet an unsightly reminder of who this neighborhood used to be. I am the display you try to not notice walk straight ahead and keep your eyes focused as if a slight glance would transmit…

Sixty-Four Crayons

Sixty-four crayons lined up in perfect color ordered rows in my spotless yellow Crayola box. One #2 pencil sharpened and ready on the right side of my composition notebook. Two messy brown waves held together by uneven pigtails pouring over my white shirt and down to my plaid jumper. Little feet swaying with excitement a few inches off the ground.…

Grayscale Ruby

Ruby’s friends were always telling her this was just a phase, some prolonged version of teen angst, or a rough patch. But Ruby didn’t think was a rough patch; more like it was always rough with some good patches in between. And the good patches were becoming scarcer by the hour. Ruby sat by her window gripping her mug, trying…


This is a prequel to this short story. “Jenny!” Ashely stumbles towards me with the goofiest smile.” It drops. “Aw, Jen, what’s wrong?” “Nothing, nothing girl, I’m so good!” I laugh, not entirely sure why. Sometimes I do that when I want to cry. To be honest I’m not sure why I’m choking back tears, or why there’s giant block of…